Google Head Quarter at New York..

Posted: March 5, 2008 in Uncategorized

wew enak bener ya kerja di google.. nih gw ada sebagian gbr kantornya google..

Google’s New York City headquarters

Welcome to Google: the reception area of Google’s NYC offices

Now i’m starving: the cafeteria at Google NYC.

Snac-tion: The New York offices of Google have micro kitchens and snack stations throughout

More employee perks: writer Elizabeth Gilbert talks about her latest book to Google employees

One of Google NYC’s office spaces

Google employee relaxes in a massage chair in the gaming area

Fun with whiteboards: this one features what the Google Engineer of the future would be like

He’s got game: an employee bounces an exercise ball around the halls of Google in NYC

Work spaces in the New York offices of Google

mantap siapa yg ga betah nih klo kantornya gini 😀


  1. rama says:


    Gw mau gw di nator kayak gini..

    bebas abiz..

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